How to deal with some problem when you use your radio?

It’s my honor to talk with you my experience about some radio protections!When we using radio ,we almost face some problem,there are some problems and solutions we usually faced.

Frequently Asked Questions Solution:
(1) If the intercom can receive each other’s speech, but the other party does not receive their own dialogue? Check the PTT button. Timely delivery service station maintenance.
(2) If the battery is not used properly after charging for a long time, no electricity? Note Battery life has expired and the battery should be updated. (Note: the normal use of nickel-metal hydride battery charge and discharge times are generally 500 times, lithium battery 1000 times)
(3) If you can not talk with other members of the group? First of all, you use the frequency and sub-audio signal is the same as other members of the group; if there is no problem, it is necessary to confirm the other members of the group is in the service area.
(4) If there are other members of the walkie-talkie voice? Please change the tone of the sub-tone, and you must reset the tone of all the intercoms in the group; or reset all the radio frequencies.
(5) if the other party to receive sound small or voice intermittent? Check the walkie-talkie MIC sent to the hole is blocked; if not, please send the repair station repair.
Receive intermittent and accompanied by large noise? It may be the other party or their own to the limit of the radio communication distance, or living in a tall building block or basement and other places; if not, please send the repair station maintenance.

(6) If you use headphones after a period of time no sound? May be the earphone plug socket bad. Send repair station maintenance.
(7) If the call away from the near-poor sensitivity? Please check whether the radio is fully charged; check the antenna is in good condition, the antenna seat is loose or damaged, if so, please send the repair station maintenance.

(8) If the radio can not boot or regular power-down? Please check the radio battery contact piece is deformed or broken.
(9) If the walkie-talkie with LCD no display or an error display? May be a walkie-talkie fell or improper use of LCD bad or conductive rubber contact bad; If so, please send the repair station maintenance.
(10) If the machine after the water how to deal with? Immediately shut down, no longer used, as soon as possible to send repair station maintenance;

How to deal with other common problems:
1, the frequency interference: If you are often in use or receive other radio frequency of the noise, interference to the normal use of radio, there are three ways: ① frequency conversion. ② Gaja audio or DTMF and so on. ③ reduce the squelch level.
2, the distance: when the radio in the communication distance and the actual needs of a few meters difference, you can adjust the machine power and squelch level to achieve. In the adjustment still can not be improved, you can consider the installation of the repeater to solve.
3, the sound intermittent: When the radio communication at a critical distance often intermittent phenomenon, then you can adjust the squelch level or cancel the reception of sub-audio to test results.
4, whistle: usually only a few meters away or closer to two sets of radio communications whistle. This is a normal phenomenon, the sound can be closed to the appropriate size to solve.

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How to arrange your time ?

sometimes we will be busy to work,eat food,play some games,sleep and so on.while the times flies so far,what we can do for the times?I suppose that we can do many fantastic things.Such as do some cleaning ,it can make us feel some sport can let us feel comfortable and it can also keep us fit and keep slim.

we can read some books before sleep!it can incearse us knowledge and promote our sleep my opinion,read some books before sleep it a good way to arange dayliy  life,we can listen some music to keep a good moods.Often,we can do some interesting things,like make food,running,swimming,playing football.


How to protect your skin?

The skin do not absorb Skin care is floating clouds

Once, makeup water two times, face than peach博文Placeholder Image bright, but now a muzzle on four or five times, also didn’t see where the skin water embellish; Various essence element, the price does not poor teeth to also want to investment, I click, looped, horizontal pushing, do tai chi kung fu, but still can’t find facial skin more and more rough, easy to dry, the skin without glory, some tiny wrinkles I do not know when have climbed up the canthus and forehead.
Usual, women spend money and time on skin care is more and more. Many skincare products are often in the flag of deep nourish, beauty &skin care little coup but with nourishment skin, rough dark yellow, pore bulky, the appearance of fine lines, a series of problems such as aging or keep. Originally, eat “bread” excess skin had no appetite and don’t give force, difficult to absorb. Nutrition can not be timely walks into deep tissue, stay on the skin appearance blocked pore instead of breathing. So, what is beauty or disfigured?
Nourish and effectively! To get through the skin to absorb skin care process, often with “beat”, “evaporate”, “according to the” action, its purpose is to make the skin absorption degree of progress. Without good absorbance, nutrition can actually worsen the skin more responsibility and form a surplus.

1. Oily skin unfavorable use high nutritional skin care products
Oily skin secretion of sebum, can appear greasy light, is not sensitive to external stimuli. Deposited on the surface of skin grease as a waterproof layer of plastic film, can make the skin care products in the nutrition cannot penetrate into the skin.
To improve countermeasures: oily skin when using high nutrition to protect skin to taste, must first thoroughly clean the skin, dredge pores, make it clear. Oily skin can choose professional to oil cleanser, or join a few drops of white vinegar in the water washing a face, wash away skin oils. On this basis, can choose film of deep-seated and clean face, apply 1-2 times a week, and thoroughly clean the dirt in pores, the secretion of sebaceous gland gradually returned to normal.
2. Don’t need nutrition skin, unfavorable use high nutritional skin care products
Skin care experts emphasize: skin can absorb the nutrients that it lacks, the absorption capacity is weak. Therefore, in the choose and buy protect skin to taste, it is best to do a skin test first, find your skin lack of nutrition type, and then to buy.

Night skin care, application of fruit or vegetable juice skin care water. Both have the effect of nutrition skin and prevent skin allergy.

Use of skin care products made of natural plant, such as made of fruits and vegetables to protect skin to taste or mask. Unfavorable use drugs or animal protein nutritional skin care and facial mask, for skin prone to allergic to it.

You can use cold water to flush the skin allergy, can effectively quickly relieve itching. Then right amount daub anti allergic drug, effective treatment for allergies, can have a try \”allergy repair cream\”, qingrejiedu, repair damaged skin layer, remove sensitive red.

When using a new skincare, forearm inside or behind their ear with a little first, observed after 48 hours, if local appeared, such as red, itchy blisters, suggests that the skin is allergic to the skin care products, absolutely can’t use. Whereas local no response can be used, usually best shoulds not be more than cosmetic make-up and easily replaced.

For wind and ultraviolet allergy skin, go out should protect good skin. As winter wear good protective cap and face mask to prevent the cold wind. Summer should be umbrella or wear a sun hat, facial skin sunscreen, to prevent exposure to the sun.

Commonly used cold water wash a face, increase the skin’s resistance. Such as skin does not adapt, can with warm water first (20 ℃ to 30 ℃), and then gradually reduce the water temperature, using natural materials of cleanser or excitant small soap. It is best to use prevent allergy cleanser.

To beauty parlour regularly do skin care, to improve the condition of the skin, enhance skin sensitive resistance has a better effect.

To learn the nursing knowledge of the skin allergy, relieve skin allergy phenomenon.

An Interesting multiplayer conversation story

Jones is a very hardworking blacksmith who often works all day in the shop. He worked very hard, his hammers were often sparkling. Mr. Smith is rich and his son often comes to Jones’ He likes to watch the artisan work, often a look for a few hours. “Young man, why do not you personally try to make a spike, even if it is only to kill time?” Blacksmith said, “Maybe, one day it will help you.” Lazy children began to want to see themselves in the end can do what. However, after only a short practice, he found himself very skilled, and soon he made the best spikes.
Mr. Smith died, and his son lost all the property for the sake of war. He had to leave his home and live in another country. Coincidentally, this area of the country, in urgent need of a large number of military shoes, so this village has a lot of shoemakers, they always spend a lot of money to buy spikes. Sometimes, even if you pay a high price, you can not buy the spikes they want. In the difficult moments of the food, the young Smith remembered that he had learned the craft, then whim, and would like to make a deal with the shoemakers. He said to them that if they could help him set up a shop, he could do the spike. The shoemaker was ecstatic about his proposal. Soon, Smith found that his spikes were the best in the village. In the difficult moments of the food, the young Smith remembered that he had learned the craft, then whim, and would like to make a deal with the shoemakers. He said to them that if they could help him set up a shop, he could do the spike. The shoemaker was ecstatic about his proposal. Soon, Smith found that his spikes were the best in the village.

How to be fat?

Fertilizer is necessary to eat

First: the normal three meals a day can eat on time, generally eat steamed, stewed, boiled meat, try to eat pasta, before going to bed plus a meal pasta or milk with biscuits. Eat can only eat very full, do not die support, and die will be bad appetite, and can drink beer, then drink beer. Snack eat something appetizing, eat chocolate or ice cream properly. To ensure that there is a good appetite to eat the next thing, want to fatten people, this must remember. In this case,

Second: eat two eggs every day, playing in the bowl, add a bottle of tomato sauce and the amount of sugar, with the same amount of water washed into semi-cooked food, once a day, morning air service (also eat sparse poached egg) In January, will gradually gain weight. In this case,

Third, eat some sugar, try to eat their own things do not like to eat, drink plenty of water, sometimes fat can take water to act, because the water will drink more edema, some fruit you can also let you eat Edema, and eat to sleep, do less exercise, do not need to try not to exercise even if it is so simple to do less things to do. In this case,

Fourth: very simple ah you try to eat three meals, shopping all the way to eat all the way to eat. Eat more biscuits and cakes every day and the like, the following is the most easy to get your fat fat diet recipes:

Breakfast: a piece of cream cake. Whole milk 500 ml, 100 ml of jam, 3 slices of sweet bread, 150 grams of banana or pineapple. Lunch: eat Sichuan, rice, pizza cheese cake. In this case,

Dinner: how much to eat rice how much to eat. Mashed potatoes, ice cream 0.5 gallon, cherry jam 150ml. Supper: a bowl of bread, a piece of cake, a whole cup of milk. Note: You must remember that the weight gain rate is “every two weeks to increase half a kilogram”, do not suddenly make yourself too fat yo!

Add a way to Oh: eight most easy people fattening food
Bamboo pole sister, bamboo pole men, is not still depressed to eat much more sleep every day living a pig like life is still not long meat? Want to gain weight, the right choice of food is the key, a lot of try the following food, maybe every day simply drink a few delicious and healthy fresh fruit juice can make you full up!

Chestnut chestnut can also make people fat it? We can not underestimate the role of small chestnut! Chestnut contains a lot of starch, heat is high, if the meal can be mixed with food, can be a good heat to enhance the absorption, would like to gain weight will not be difficult. Not only that, chestnut also contains a wealth of protein, fat, B vitamins and other nutrients. More difficult to imagine is that every 100 grams also contains 24 mg of vitamin C, vitamin C than the recognized rich in tomatoes, but also more than ten times the apple! This is a lot of food can not match.

Chocolate chocolate has always been a representative of high-calorie food, a small piece of 20 grams of chocolate heat up to 110 kcal, how, the energy is great! And chocolate smell unique, smooth taste, few people can withstand the temptation of it. And, eat chocolate can improve the mood, protect the heart and so on. Like all high-fat foods, chocolate eat too much easily cause digestive problems, causing stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Chocolate eat too much rescue method is: drink a cup of tea can be warm stomach.

Squid crisp and delicious grilled squid is a favorite of many people! Every 100 grams of squid cholesterol content of up to 615 mg, 40 times the fat content of cholesterol, it is 44 times as much as whole milk, eat very easy to fat Oh! And, squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, bone development and hematopoietic is very useful, can prevent anemia. Squid in addition to rich in protein and the human body needs amino acids, or contain a lot of taurine, can relieve fatigue, restore vision, improve liver function. Chinese medicine also believes that squid have Yin Yangwei, tonic moisturizing function. But delicious squid is not everyone can eat, high cholesterol, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease and liver disease patients should be Shensi. Squid nature cold, spleen and stomach Deficiency should eat less. Squid or hair, suffering from eczema, urticaria and other diseases can not eat people.

Fries In fact, the fries are themselves carbohydrates, only very little fat, but after the fried big change. A small pack of fries contains 220 kcal of calories and 12 grams of fat, calories almost equal to a hamburger. Although the fries are sweet and delicious, but these high-temperature processing of starchy foods in carcinogenic acrylamide content is higher, and potato fried foods in the average content of acrylamide higher than 4 times the cereal fried food, be sure to be careful The

What is fresh fruit juice? Drink fresh fruit juice can make people fat? . Do not underestimate the power of fruit na! In general, the juice of the heat can reach twice the calories of fruit, that is, 100 grams of watermelon calorie 40 kcal, but squeezed into the juice after the heat can reach 80 kcal. And the drinks shop will be fresh fruit juice to add a certain amount of syrup, the heat will be higher! Moreover, the nutrients contained in the juice more easily absorbed by the body, the absorption rate can be as high as Qi Cheng! But want to absorb heat from the juice, the first to pick the heat of high fruit, bananas, pomegranates, passion fruit, grapes, pears, mango, etc. are a good choice. In this case,

Beer often drink beer people will be out of a “beer belly”, which is why? Beer is a high-calorie alcoholic beverages, 1 liter of beer is equivalent to 200 grams of bread or 500 grams of potatoes, not only that, the beer also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 12 vitamins, nutrient-rich, so there have been “liquid bread “Reputation. Not only that, beer also has to increase appetite, stimulate gastric acid secretion, improve the role of digestive capacity. Appropriate drinking beer helps to gain weight, but excessive drinking any harm, I believe we are very clear.

Coke eat hamburger fries, you will be accompanied by a cup of cola? Friends party, the table is essential, of course, is affordable and popular big bottle of Coke! And even many people have developed a habit of drinking Coke every day. Well, drink Coke can be fattening is certain, a can of 370ml loaded cola contains calories 155 kcal, often easy to drink people fat. But with Coke fattening to be careful, because Coke contains caffeine and special formula easy to addictive, and Coke kill fine and so on reports can not be ignored.

Whole yogurt yogurt can also be fatten it? The answer is yes. 100 grams of milk contains calories of 57 kcal, and the same amount of yogurt contains calories for 76 kcal, of course, here refers to the whole yogurt. Often drink yogurt can not only gain weight, but also to prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, improve immunity, and even prevent gynecological infection it!

Walkie Talkies Toys – Walkie Talkies are Fun and Functional Toys!

Walkie talkies can be toys and so much more. Kids are able to enjoy walkie talkies and not become tired of using them, as with many toys. Walkie talkies can also be a very practical toy, even educational for many.

Kids Enjoy Walkie Talkies
Common games like hide and seek take on a new dimension when played with toy walkie talkies. Kids can also use walkie talkies to collaborate during their exploration and research adventures in the house or outside. The imagination of a child can run wild. The value of a toy is known by how much it is used and for how long. If a quality walkie talkie is purchased, kids will find many ways to enjoy this toy for a long time.

Kids Learn from Walkie Talkies
The basic use of push to talk and pushing only when another finishes talking are only the beginning. Walkie talkies as toys help young children learn that communication is important. Many families buy more than 2 walkie talkies and use them to stay in touch during play time while at home, at the park, or at the beach. Some toy walkie talkies are a flip phone and can be used to learn cell phone usage skills as they mature in their understanding of proper communication.

Camouflage radio for hunting!

I bet I look ridiculous right now, I thought to myself. Nick and I were sitting in full camouflage in the middle of an open pasture of National Forest. A herd of cows was approaching from the west, and they didn’t seem to see us. Eventually, the cows started to surround the rocks we were sitting on top of, just ten yards away, many of them looking straight at us. They must see us, I reasoned. We stayed still and they carried on with their grazing. Were they indifferent, or just unaware? To find out, Nick stood up. The cows immediately reacted with mild panic, scattering away with great haste.

Was it the brand new camo I was wearing? Had my new outfit turned me into a backcountry ninja? Or just a (much less impressive) cow ninja?

In this article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about hunting camouflage over the last few years. I’ll examine how animal vision and perception inform camo selection, outline the pros and cons of different camo styles, and share my favorite camo tips.

Do I Need Camouflage to Hunt?

I think the thousands and thousands of animals successfully harvested by hunters wearing no camouflage whatsoever is enough to demonstrate that camo isn’t a prerequisite for a successful hunt. Many have killed animals wearing bright colored shirts and blue jeans.

That said, for certain types of animals and certain types of hunting, camouflage can help. Ultimately, when we should use camouflage and what type of camo we choose should be informed by animal vision and perception. Many animals see things differently from humans, so we need to understand what they can see in order to figure out how to hide from their watchful eyes.

To make a long story short, our eyes contain cells that are sensitive to light. When light hits our eyes, the cells activate and send light messages to the brain so we can process and make sense of what we’re seeing. These light-sensitive eye cells are also responsible for our ability to see color. Basically, each light-sensitive eye cell is sensitive to only one group of colors. Human eyes have three color-sensor cells: those that pick up bluish light, those that pick up green-yellow light, and those that pick up reddish light. Working together, these three cells are enough to let humans see purple, orange, aqua, and everything in between. Because we have three types of color cells, humans (and other primates) have trichromatic (tri=three, chromatic=color) vision.

Deer and Other Ungulates

By contrast, deer and many other game animals have dichromamtic (di=two) vision, meaning they only have two types of color cells compared to our three. Deer, antelope, elk, sheep, goats and pigs only have the bluish light cells and the green-yellow light cells. They can only see in these colors. Purple, red, pink, and orange don’t make an appearance. This is why orange has become the safety color for hunters in the field. While a dude decked out in blaze orange may look like a ridiculous human highlighter to us, he’ll look like a dull, unremarkable yellowish-gray to our ungulate friends.

Deer also can’t distinguish between subtle shades of the colors they can see. Medium blue and light blue won’t look terribly different to them. But deer may not be inferior in all aspects of color vision. For instance, deer are more sensitive to UV light compared to humans. While the human eye blocks ultraviolet rays from reaching the light-sensitive color cells, deer eyes have no such filter. Deer don’t have color cells that are especially sensitive to UV ‘colors’, but research suggests that they can perceive some UV light.This fully demonstrates the importance of camouflage. Using camouflage walkie-talkies to hunt, is also a good choice

Do I need camouflage to hunt?


To sum up, camouflage is helpful, but not necessary in many hunting situations. For upland bird hunting it is less important, for rifle hunting deer it’s of moderate importance. Camo is of moderately high importance for bowhunting ungulates and for all predator hunting. For waterfowl and turkey hunters, camouflage is critical.

There are myriad camouflage options on the market. Try to see your camo options through the eyes of your quarry by studying animal color perception and visual acuity. Often trying to blend in with your surroundings using mimicry patterns may come at the cost of disguising the human outline. We prefer to wear breakup camouflage patterns to disrupt animals’ ability to perceive our human shape in open country. But even the world’s best camouflage outfit couldn’t keep you hidden if an animal were to smell you, hear you, or see you moving. So whether you wear jeans and a t-shirt or the most elite camouflage available, remember: clothing can never substitute for sma

Radio works solutions when we used!

What can we do? A lot, but all the explanations and details deserve an entire chapter or a good lecture at your ham club. Her are a few quick suggestions:

(1) Lower the ground system impedance.

a. Use multiple ground paths

b .Install a radial system

c. Use heavier ground cable or braid

d. Shorten the ground wire

e. Install a counterpoise system

f. Be sure that the ground system is not resonant on any band.

g. Use a MFJ-931 artificial ground.

h. Eliminate ground loops with Line Isolators

(2) Lower the level of RF voltage on the ground system:

a. Improve the installation of the balanced line to keep it balanced.

b .Change the length of the feedline. Don’t use feedlines that are near 1/4 wavelength long.

(3) Change antenna systems

a. Closed loops – their impedance values stay much lower than open antennas and loops operated on multiple bands.

b .Use trap antennas for multiband use.

c. The CAROLINA WINDOM™, CAROLINA BEAM™, CAROLINA WINDOM SHORT™ and SuperLoop™ are high performance, multiband antennas that keep the impedance excursions under control and the feedline SWR low.

Of course this isn’t the end of the problem. The antenna was changed to a CAROLINA WINDOM™, the ground system improved and 99% for the problems were gone. However, a few potential problems remain. You may not know you have any RFI problems until you install accessories, like a packet TNC and a computer .